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Daniel Gibby

Thanks for putting up a lot of information on the topic of the List-Unsubscribe header.
I have some questions and issues that I didn't see whether you had addressed:

1) If a link is used in the List-Unsubscribe header, does that link have to do a one-click unsubscribe, or can the page where the link goes to make the user have to verify that they really meant to unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Does the RFC clarify this, or is it up to the Sender to decide how the page will work?

2) Are there known abusers of this method, who for example, put a sales page without any kind of unsubscribe form at the page where the link goes?

3) What if a company inadvertently changed some code or their web server, and a page that used to be an unsubscribe page was moved somewhere, and when the user clicked the unsubscribe button in an old email, they are taken somewhere else?
Obviously, it should be up to the Sender to make sure that the unsubscribe links past and present are working, but what happens when they aren't? How can an ISP keep track of issues with the landing pages? Will they just rely on feedback from users to find senders who are in error or who are abusing the system?

Thanks again for the great information!

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